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I have tools that make all aspects of heli setup easy.  I'm a strong believer in KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and my tools reflect that.   Thanks for coming by.  I hope I can help you.


Here is a Helifreak thread from the first Zip Tool I made:

Originally Posted by Raptorapture 

Here's a one line review: it's cool! 

Originally Posted by Raptorapture 
 I have pretty much the full suite. So cool, so I had to get them all Originally Posted by Baedarlboo 

Probably the best, easiest, and accurate way to level and setup a heli. I have one for every shaft size I fly and also the 0 pitch plate. You'll wonder why you didn't get it earlier. 

Title: The Swishy Thing
Product: RDLohr's Clearly Superior Products Swash Leveling Zip Tool
Posted By: Maypole

She said, "Why don't you hang it around your neck old man?  That way, when you forget who you are, you can just read that swishy thing."  I swear, I feel like Rodney Dangerfield.

Title: Rick killed this guys :)

Product: RDLohr's Clearly Superior Products Complete Swash Leveling Zip Tool Set

Posted by: Tony Whiteside (Pro Pilot)

I was setting up my mostro , and I always set up by eye, I thought I get these out to see how close I was, I was not to far off but I was off, I feel these baby's are easy as hell to deal with and got me real close to perfect , no more work than it take to use these, I think I will keep on
Using them to get my head fine tuned, I'm really enjoy using them instead of cussing where I had to take the head off before with other swash levelers! Pretty sweet. !    There's a wide range of them 3, 3.5 , 4, 5 , 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 15mm size shafts

Title: Simpliest Ideas = Best Ideas!
Product: RDLohr's Clearly Superior Products 8mm Swash Leveling Zip Tool
Posted By: bg 

I can't speak highly enough of this swash leveling zip tool. I've used it for my Protos 500 and my Compass Atom and after trying a number of swash tools, including my go-to "eyeball" leveler, I've found this particular level to be outstanding! Best of all, for me, it cuts down on my helicopter set-up times which gives me more time for things I enjoy doing, like actual flying. I love that I don't have to take anything apart to adjust my helicopter's swash plate. Though small, this tool is durable having been through the wash, knocked about the house by my cat and stepped on. It's little things like those that show me I finally made the correct choice in buying the RDLohr level. Lol. Of course, the best quality of all is that it not only works, but works exceptionally well without the hassles I've experienced with the other swash leveling tools out there. As the title of my review states, the simplest ideas always seem to be the best ideas and RDLohr's Clearly Superior Products 8mm Swash Leveling Zip Tool is one of those.

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